April 7, 2023

Donate Second Hand Toys

With a lot of environmental and social sensitivity, we donated today, April 7, 2023, second hand children's toys, which were given to KyklOIKOdromio friends (Stelios Yiatros and Annita Karantoni Shiamptani).

We gave a second chance to the toys and games and a lot of joy to the children of the Strovolos Multipurpose Center Municipality of Strovolos.

When you add new toys to your child's collection, some of the old ones may need to be exchanged. As children grow, they develop new interests and skills, and former favorite toys and games fall aside. If these toys are not dirty or broken, do not send them to the landfill: donate! many children would like to give them a new home.

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The "kyklOIKOdromio" is founded with the aim and vision of protecting the environment and is dedicated to the memory of the distinguished teacher Elli Themistokleous Achilleos.
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