Our planet faces unprecedented environmental and climate challenges, which are threatening our well-being. However, it is not too late to take decisive action. The effort required may seem extremely difficult, but it is still possible to reverse some of the negative trends, adjust to minimize damage, restore critical ecosystems, and strengthen the protection of what we still have. To achieve long-term sustainability, we must approach the environment, climate, economy, and society as inextricably linked parts of the same entity.

There are areas of critical activity with a very wide turnover in the domestic and wider (globalized) productive field, which now require the undertaking of environmental measures and policies. The importance of the environmental aspect is that sectors such as industry, tourism, fossil fuels or shipping are official interlocutors of national governments and European decision-making bodies and co-formulate environmental protection policies.
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The "kyklOIKOdromio" is founded with the aim and vision of protecting the environment and is dedicated to the memory of the distinguished teacher Elli Themistokleous Achilleos.
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