October 13, 2022

KyklOIKOdromio participated in the Let's do it Cyprus 2022 campaign

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KyklOIKOdromio participated in the campaign Let’s do it! Cyprus 2022 [...]
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With great satisfaction, the small group of volunteers of KyklOIKOdromio participated in the Let's Do It Cyprus campaign on Sunday, October 23, 2022. Made a tiny contribution to the the multi-level targeting of the campaign, in the protection of the environment and in the fact that the planet belongs to everyone and we must protect it . A lot of garbage, other waste, and PMD were collected from the forest area of Aronas in Nicosia.
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The "kyklOIKOdromio" is founded with the aim and vision of protecting the environment and is dedicated to the memory of the distinguished teacher Elli Themistokleous Achilleos.
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